The subtle Easter egg homage to Jennifer Aniston’s real father in “Friends”


friends May be finished more than two decades ago, but the nostalgia for the New York-based sitcom is as big as ever.

The obsession with the television show saw original cast members Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green), Courteney Cox (Monica Geller), David Schwimmer (Ross Geller), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay), Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing), and Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani), meet for a special at the beginning of the year.

Friends: The goodbye, also known as “The one where they get back together”, Finally aired on May 27th after being delayed due to COVID.

The actors chatted and remembered their 10 years of activity on our screens, showing no signs of slowing down after serving the full 10 seasons on Netflix.

And now that we have every episode on hand (for whoever has a VHS or DVD player), fan theories and Blooper reels are rampant as viewers analyze every episode.

A heartwarming Easter egg that you may not have noticed was featured in Season 7 episode 24, paying tribute to Jennifer Aniston’s real-life father, John Aniston.

Called The one with Monica and Chandler’s wedding: part 2, Unsurprisingly, it follows the happy couple’s ups and downs as they prepare to exchange vows.

Joey, an ordained minister, is stopped while filming, forcing Rachel to hunt down an officer at the last minute. In a desperate search, she comes across a sign for another wedding that reads: “Anastassaki’s Papasifaki’s wedding.”

Screengrab from “Friends” episode 24, season 7. The wedding name has a very special connection to Jennifer Aniston’s family.
YouTube / HBO

She manages to convince the Greek Orthodox pastor to marry Monica and Chandler, but luckily Joey arrives just in time to do the job.

However, it turns out that Aniston has a much deeper connection to the names on the shield, as the former is her father’s last name, who was originally called Yannis Anastassakis.

The 88-year-old was born on the Greek island of Crete, but his family moved to the United States as a toddler and Anglicized their names.

Acting is in Aniston’s blood, as her father is also a star of the big screen and plays Victor Kiriakis in Days of our lives– the same show Joey starred on the sitcom – as well Looking for tomorrow.

The subtle hint is also detailed on the IMBD page for the episode, which says under Trivia: “Since she believes Joey will not be at the wedding because he is so late, Rachel looks for another pastor and finds a Greek -orthodox wedding in progress on the surnames of the bride and groom are Anastasakis and Papasifakis. Anastasakis was Jennifer Aniston’s father, John Aniston’s last name, before legally changing it to Aniston. “

Jennifer and her father John Aniston.
Jennifer Aniston and her father John Aniston. There is a subtle Easter egg reference to the actress’ real father in the sitcom “Friends”.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

The episode first aired in 2001 and over the years the tribute has been spotted by fans. Earlier this week, Redditor AdamWestsButtDouble shared the find online and posted it on the aptly named Friends TV Show forum.

Next to a snapshot of Rachel and the sign, they said, “Fun Fact from ‘The one with Monica and Chandler’s wedding‘: Anastasakis is the original family name of Jennifer Aniston. “

You weren’t the first to share it on the website as Pajinkle 2019 posted the same trivia, albeit with a different photo, on the How You Doin thread.

They wrote, “Cool fact I just noticed! The wedding sign in S7E24 shows Jennifer Aniston’s Greek last name, Anastassakis. I love the way Rachel just pronounces it flawlessly.”

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