The theory finds a fun connection between friends and parks and recreation


NBC’s friends hasn’t aired since 2004, but that hasn’t stopped people from watching the popular sitcom again and again.

As fans know, the friends The reunion finally premiered in 2021 when the six leads — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer — reunited for an unscripted show on HBO Max. The success of the special just proved how much people still love the sitcom and always will.

There are still plenty of memes and Reddit posts circulating about the show, but one theory has prompted fans to perhaps think a little differently about their favorite Central Perk crew.

Mental Floss reports that a Redditor once found a hilarious connection to this Parks and Recreation Gang, and compared to the other theories, it kind of makes sense.

Friends fan theory

In friends Episode “The One With All the Candy” Rachel insists that she doesn’t sleep with guys on a first date just so her friends can call her. Monica rattles off three names: Matt Wire, Mark Lynn, and Ben Wyatt. Could Rachel speak of Ben Wyatt? parks and rec? See the clip below.

As Reddit user Phefflin explains, her age is paying off. Ben would have been 26 at the time of the episode, making him a perfectly realistic date for 29-year-old Rachel. “Finally, I think that at some point after leaving Partridge, Minnesota in disgrace after failing as mayor, Ben went to NYC for a short time, met Rachel and either had a one-night stand or had a relationship,” he said the fan writes. It could be!

Although unfortunately we will not see any other friends See You Soon, according to Courteney Cox, you can still rewatch all 10 seasons of the classic comedy on HBO Max.

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