The video game “Disco Elysium” made a profit of almost 7 million euros in the first 6 months | business


The game “Disco Elysium” enjoyed great commercial success and recognition both at home and abroad and has been named Estonia’s most successful video game to date.

ZA/UM Studio released “Disco Elysium” in October 2019, while the company reported revenues of €13.1 million for the fiscal year ending May 2019 through April 2020.

As mentioned, in the first six months of Disco Elysium’s existence, ZA/UM made a profit of 6.7 million euros, while in the previous 16 months the company had made a loss of 617,246 euros.

ERR reports that a majority stake in the company owned by MM Grupp, owned by Margus Linnamäe and whose subsidiaries include the media group Postimees, was sold, making Tütreke OÜ the largest current shareholder with one third. Tütreke is owned by Ilmar Kompus, whose company bought the news service BNS in 2014.

Other significant shareholders (nearly 10 percent) include writer Kaur Kender, animator Sander Taal, and video game designer and ZA/UM co-founder Robert Kurvitz

ERR reports that ZA/UM will not pay any dividends for the previous financial year and will reinvest any profits made into business expansion.

According to Invest in Estonia, there is no corporate tax on retained and reinvested earnings (compared to a 14-20 percent tax on distributed earnings).

The company says it will continue to develop Disco Elysium and increase its availability worldwide.

Disco Elysium is a Role Playing Game (RPG) and is said to have probably failed by the time it was released. The game won awards in four categories at the 2020 Game Awards in Los Angeles, and three more at the BAFTA Games Awards in the UK at a ceremony hosted by Irish comic and video game fan Dara O’Briain Afar excellent.

Recent media reports said the game would be made into a TV show, while Kurvitz and co-creator Aleksander Rostov were honored with the annual President’s Young Cultural Figure Award for 2020 here in Estonia.

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