“The Way Movies Should Be Seen”: The 22nd Annual Nevada City Film Festival returns after two years

“The entire weekend is organized with our filmmakers and audiences in mind,” said Jesse Locks, executive director of the Nevada City File Festival, in a press release.
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Finally, after two long years, film lovers and filmmakers will be able to gather during the 22nd Annual Nevada City Film Festival on June 22nd 26th-28th.

For 22 years, the NCFF’s mission has been to nurture and advance independent creativity, earning a reputation as a sanctuary where films and filmmakers are discovered, ideas are challenged, creative partnerships are forged, friendships are forged and memories are made for a lifetime. It takes tenacity and courage to express yourself through films. This year, the festival honors those willing to take the plunge and create something new.

“The entire weekend is organized with our filmmakers and audiences in mind,” explains Jesse Locks, NCFF Executive Director. “From BBQs and happy hours where filmmakers and festival-goers can meet and chat in a relaxed atmosphere, to expertly curated film programs followed by engaging question and answer sessions with filmmakers, and plenty of free time between films to explore Nevada City and the USA to explore surroundings.”

The NCFF is showing a selection of international short films, feature films and documentaries from over fifteen countries and invites over two dozen filmmakers to participate in question and answer sessions, panel discussions and parties over the three-day weekend. Movies will be screened at the newly renovated historic Nevada Theater, the Onyx Theater, and outdoors at the Pioneer Park Bandshell in Nevada City.

The 22nd annual Nevada City Film Festival returns after two years on August 26th and runs through August 28th.
Photo courtesy of Kial James

This year’s premiere selection is “The Unknown Country,” directed by Morrisa Maltz and starring Lily Gladstone, Friday, August 26, Nevada Theater, 8 p.m. The film follows Tana (Gladstone) on her journey from the Midwest to the Texas-Mexico border after an invitation to reconnect with her estranged Oglala-Lakota family. During her largely lonely and surreal journey to an unknown destination, Tana (Gladstone) navigates a post-election social climate of 2016, encountering both familiar faces and strangers along the way. The film was hailed by Indiewire as “a stunning spiritual companion to Terrence Malick and ‘Nomadland'”.

The festival will also screen the award-winning documentaries Jack Has a Plan, directed by Bradley Berman, about a man who wishes to die a happy man culminating in a permanent farewell party, PASANG: In the Shadow of Everest, about Pasang Lhamu Sherpa’s inspirational journey to becoming the first Nepalese woman to climb Everest in 1993; and Your Friend, Memphis, about a young man with cerebral palsy caught between the world’s expectations and his own ambitions. His story is an odyssey of dogged determination: a quest for work, love, and freedom no matter what. Sarah Elizabeth Mintz makes her stunning directorial debut with Good Girl Jane, a suspense-packed coming-of-age drama that portrays the desperation of teenage angst with gritty authenticity. It is superbly performed by the cast, which includes Rain Spencer as Jane, Patrick Gibson as Jamie and Andie MacDowell as the distressed mother. And NCFF alum director Geoff Marslett returns to the festival with the quasi-experimental “Quantum Cowboys,” which combines live-action footage, live-action sequences with actors in front of animated backgrounds, rotoscopy and even stop-motion animation, to materialize his metaphysical ideology about the coexistence of multiple timelines and the ways in which art helps maintain a unified memory. It stars Lily Gladstone, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Kiowa Gordon, Neko Case and David Arquette.

“This year’s film series introduces us to new places and people; where we learn about families, customs, feelings, fears and much more. It’s a heartfelt, compelling selection of films that connect us to the human experience in intimate and beautiful ways,” said Locks. “After the past few years we’ve all been through, it’s badly needed.”

The festival will also welcome special guest Terry Zwigoff, the director who brought us the outcasts, freaks, weirdos and geniuses from “Art School Confidential”, “Crumb” and “Bad Santa” for a special screening of the 2001 cult-classic “Spirit World”, Saturday, August 27, 8 p.m

Terry Zwigoff’s first feature film, adapted from a cult classic comic by Daniel Clowes, is an idiosyncratic portrait of adolescent alienation that’s at once darkly funny and downright endearing. Set in the turbulent months after graduating from high school, Ghost World follows proud misfit Enid (Thora Birch) as she faces an uncertain future in the cultural wasteland of consumerist America. When her cynicism becomes unbearable even for her best friend Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson), Enid finds herself drawn to an unlikely soul mate: a sad record collector many years older than her (Steve Buscemi). With its parade of odd characters, quotable, Oscar-nominated script, and eclectic soundtrack of old obscurities, Ghost World is one of the most beloved comedies of the 21st century.

The festival will also present a variety of short films including the well-loved children’s programme, Friday 26 August, outdoors in Pioneer Park, 8pm. See the world through the eyes of children featured in this free program of award winners and viewers’ favorite live-action short films from the Seattle Children’s Film Festival. The young people in these films have their own adventures, discovering how to be true to themselves and learning to face their fears! This program features films from New Zealand, India, Canada, the United States, Mexico and Ireland.

The festival concludes on Sunday, August 28 at 7pm at the Nevada Theater with its Best of the Fest, showcasing this year’s award-winning films along with the Audience Award winner.

For more information on after-party programs and tickets, visit http://www.nevadacityfilmfestival.com

Source: Nevada City Film Festival


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