TikTok revolves around Jennifer Aniston’s scary-good doppelganger



It’s a huge compliment for anyone to say that you have hair like Jennifer Aniston’s – I mean, hello, the length, the impeccably placed highlights, the SHINE! – but to really say it look how Jennifer Aniston is a whole different ego-stroking beast. Unfortunately, the Jennifer Aniston-like compliments didn’t happen to me, but TikToker Lisa Tranel quickly went viral in the app over the weekend!

It all started when Lisa casually posted a video lip-syncing the words to one of Jennifer’s scenes as Rachel Green Friendswhere she talks to Monica about quitting her job. “I want to quit, but then I think I should hold on. Then I think why would such a person stay in such a degrading job just because it has to do with the area they care about, “Rachel says on the audio.

Shortly after it was released, the video received more than 4.7 million – yes, MILLION – views and counted on the platform, with people hopping into Lisa’s comment section to tell her how much she looks like Jennifer Aniston in the short clip. And for the record, she does it 100 percent, right down to the highlighted blonde hair, flawless complexion, and blue eyes.

Commenting on the video, a TikTok user wrote, “I actually thought it was Jennifer Aniston. Impressive !! “(my actual reaction) while someone else made the fabulous suggestion for a crossover, saying,” Somebody tags Jennifer Aniston and brings them together. “Another astute observer believes Lisa” could have been a third Green ” [sic] Sister. “Yeah, I totally see it:

Now that the world has recognized Lisa as Jennifer Aniston’s Official Doppelganger â„¢, time will tell how she capitalizes on her newfound fame!

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