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This month’s news from Friends of Merrymeeting Bay

Friends of Merrymeeting Bay (FOMB) is a non-profit organization that has worked since 1975 to protect the unique ecosystems of Merrymeeting Bay through research, advocacy, land conservation and education. We’re the only environmental organization in Maine that works in this holistic way. Almost 40% of Maine’s waters flow into and through the bay via six tributaries on the way to the Gulf of Maine. Since healthy golf is vital for the bay and vice versa, our work extends regionally.

Overhead from Centers Point and Brick Island. Provided by FOMB.

Merrymeeting Bay is the largest migratory waterfowl roost in the United States north of Chesapeake Bay. The bay is home to a dozen rare plants and is the only place in Maine that provides spawning and nursery habitats for all 12 diadromous fish species in the Gulf of Maine, some of which are endangered or threatened. This superlative resource offers the most successful bald eagle recovery in Maine after Cobscook Bay. Biologically, freshwater tides classify this estuary as a tidal river and geologically the bay is considered an inland delta.

FOMB’s research shapes our advocacy, our work with landowners ensures that the valuable wildlife habitat is permanently protected, and our educational efforts give children and adults an appreciation for this incredible place and the environment as a whole. Thanks to an enviable number of members who volunteer their time, skills and energy, our services become possible!

Provided by FOMB.

Some of our accomplishments include: improving the state’s water quality classification on the lower Kennebec River, reopening the St. Croix River to Alewives for the first time since 1995, reaching 1500 students a year with hands-on environmental education, listing the Atlantic salmon among critically endangered species Act, protecting more than 11 miles of shoreline and over 1,300 acres of valuable wildlife habitat, and stopping a 50-turbine tidal project that has been proposed for the Chops. Please visit us at friendsofmerrymeetingbay.org and consider joining our efforts! If you are dedicated, motivated, passionate and knowledgeable about our work then please consider applying for our open position as Executive Director!

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