Two Philadelphia residents compete in the new season of Big Brother 23


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of reality TV shows and most of the time I get caught doing sports. But one show that I’ve been addicting for a few years and that I watch every season is Big Brother.

I keep my fingers crossed that one day I’ll be a gamer on the Big Brother TV show.

CBS officially announced July 7th when the first episode of Season 23 of Big Brother will air. Recently CBS also released all new players for Big Brother 23 and two of the 16 players going to the Big Brother house are from the city of brotherly love.

The two Big Brother 23 players hailing from Philadelphia are probably familiar to you as one is a Sports Illustrated model and the other is the son of a former professional boxer.

Derek Frazier was born in Philadelphia and still lives in Philadelphia. According to CBS, he is the son of Joe Frazier. In case you didn’t know, Joe Frazier was the first professional boxer to defeat legend Muhammad Ali.

According to CBS, Derek Frazier is likely to be very good at any physical competition because he can do “315 pound bench press, 500 pound deadlift, 520 pound squat.

The other Philadelphia native is Sports Illustrated model Christie Valdiserri. Christie Valdiserri is a proud Nittany Lion and loud CBS, she graduated early from Penn State University.

Being book-savvy can potentially help Christie Veldiserri with the mental contests.

Derek and Christie, 94.5 PST is root for you. Make the City of Brotherly Love proud!

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