VIDEO: Jennifer Aniston hilariously complains about “slow news day” from the morning show’s control room


Jennifer Aniston screwed up the sentences of The morning show and complained about the “slow news day” from the bogus control room with executive producer Kristin Hahn. For those who didn’t know, Aniston stars alongside Alex Levy on Apple TV + The Morning Show Reese Witherspoon.

On Instagram, Aniston, 52, took her place in the control room and joked that she had little to no news to report! “Wow, look at those record-breaking snowstorms in Moscow,” said Aniston, sarcastically saying that the day was going to be “exciting”. Aniston then had the most dramatic expressions on her face as she showed her frustration from the control room. “God are you there? It’s me, Jen ”, Hahn lets her heart laugh out loud!

The friends alum titled the post with “God are you there? It’s me, Jen… live from the @themorningshow control room… slow news day. ”Aniston wore a black turtleneck while maintaining her epic Alex Levy hairstyle. As a true presenter of the Morning Show, she then began to marvel at the beautiful weather in Russia.

Take a look at Jennifer Aniston’s epic post from the sets on The Morning Show:

The show is currently in its second season, with the season finale officially falling on Friday. The Morning Show also includes Reese Witherspoon as Bradley Jackson, Billy Crudup as Cory Ellison, Mark Duplass as Charlie Black, Nestor Carbonell as Yanko Flores, Karen Pittman as Mia Jordan, and others. In the new season, the actors Hasan Minhaj were introduced as Alex ‘Morningshow successor Eric Normani, Julianna Margulies as UBA’ new presenter Laura Peterson and Will Arnett as Doug Klassen.

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