“We just miss him”: Liberty Lake man is remembered by friends after death


LIBERTY LAKE, Washington – It’s been three months since a Liberty Lake man died in a skiing accident in Schweitzer. Heath McHenry left a hole in everyone’s heart, though his life will not be forgotten.

McHenry was husband and father of three children. The avid skier loved to go for a walk with his wife Kelsy.

“Nobody can prepare you for what it feels like to lose someone unexpectedly,” she said. “I miss walking with him on my way.”

Kelsy walks a specific path along the Trailhead Golf Course every day. She used to go alone, then Heath went with them. On the way they passed a bank.

She only sat there once with her daughter.

“My daughter and I came here a few days after Heath died and sat on this bench together,” said Kelsy.

Thanks to some friends and community members, the bank will now create a different memory.

“My hope is that it will give her some rest and just some time to relax and reflect with Heath,” said Jerianne Foy, a friend of Kelsy’s.

Kelsy’s friends told her to come to the bench on Monday night. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen until she opened a present.

“Thank you,” said Kelsy, holding back the tears.

They got Kelsy a plaque that read “In Loving Memory of Heath McHenry,” followed by “Forever Part of The Liberty Lake Community.”

Community members and friends also put together some gift baskets for Kelsy, her daughter, and two sons.

“We just miss him and I appreciate that because any chance to think of him or to honor him, basically these guys know I do,” she said.

Kelsy said her husband’s death is a reminder of loving who you are with, and it’s not about what you have. It depends who you have.

“He loved us all as well and as well as he could. He gave everything, ”she says. “I talk about him all the time, so he’s separated from my gang now.”

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