What Advances In Technology And Science Could Affect the Dating and Matchmaking Industry


Matchmaking as a science and art is a multibillion-dollar business. However, there are a lot of issues in the market for online dating including security as well as safety and ineffective matchmaking strategies.The issues aren’t as prevalent for matchmakers who are professionals since they usually conduct thorough checks of background, personal interviews, and screening with their customers.But not all singles are able to afford 15,000USD-150,000USD for the highest-priced matchmaking service.( https://illustrationfriday.com/using-acfa-cash-flow-for-an-instant-online-loan/ )

This presents a massive potential where professional matchmakers, as well as dating applications, can join together. Startups are attempting to fill the void, with the goal of becoming a global cupid for tens of thousands of people. Do you believe this is a plausible concept, and if so, what technology or technology is required to attain this goal?

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Technology-Based on Blockchain

The biggest issue that I have observed on dating websites is the distrust and lack of credibility.Traditional identity methods for dating services are woefully inadequate.Because businesses are increasingly concerned with user-friendliness and accessibility, anyone with an email address and a phone number may sign up in a matter of minutes. This is the reason why scammers or fake identities are everywhere on the Internet.We now have the opportunity to construct unique identity-management systems thanks to the advancement of blockchain technology.

Viola and Hicky, for example, leverage the blockchain to boost security by forcing users to validate their identity by facial or voice recognition, which is then encrypted and stored on the blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can end the days of scrolling and searching?Because AI’s capabilities allow it to “know” its users, it’s even possible.Since the beginning of time, the dating app industry has relied upon simple methods of matching, for example, geolocation and “swiping to the right.”AI helps to collect information from the app about users’ behavior to allow machines to make more appropriate matches based on their fundamental values such as beliefs, values, and personal traits.Hinge, Tinder, Badoo, and Coffee Meets Bagel all use Machine Learning and artificial intelligence within their apps to identify the most appropriate match-ups for their users.

To get to the next level, AI may potentially serve as an online matchmaker, scheduling encounters in real-time and offering feedback and guidance. The AIMM voice-operated dating app is an excellent illustration of how AI may be used to simulate what a human would go through when using a matchmaking service. Similar to the BlackMirror episode “Hang TheDJ,” AIMM communicates to you over a period of a week to identify your personality and then provides you with matches via photo and audio tours. Additionally, it provides instructions and guidance through the procedure.It doesn’t require swiping, tapping, or creating profiles.AI is in its beginning stages however there’s the possibility of massive changes to be observed in the next 10 years.

Augmented Reality

AugmentedReality is defined as an auditory or visual overlay of the digital world, which is the real world, over the virtual world, which is VirtualReality.While VR transforms the user’s perception of reality to create an entirely different reality, society is more likely to embrace AR due to its less drastic departure from reality. Businesses like Flirtar, one of the most well-known and earliest AR dating apps, have been using AR for dating. Flirtar’s aim is to employ Geolocation technology to allow users to connect in real-time and provide matches in their hands.

Matchmaking by DNA

Geneticists are investigating the use of DNA to locate your ideal companion.DNARomance is a dating app that uses information recorded in your DNA to match you with potential companions. It can predict romance chemical chemistry.Claus Wedekind conducted a “sweaty T-shirt research” in 1995, which inspired the app.The researcher Dr. TimSexton has built the application on the basis of the belief that those with different immune systems genes have a greater degree of romantic love than those who have similar genes.

We are drawn to people with a wide range of immune systems, according to Sexton.It ensures that a significant portion of us are invulnerable to the new pathogens that allow us to be human being.Individuals can buy Kits for DNA extraction, or download DNA information to search for matches.

Matchmaking Markets in the Future

Matchmaking is an industry-complex web that draws scientists, geneticists, and other developers looking for the potential of a new market.Yet, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.Do dating apps employ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to create digital matchmakers that are as effective as human matchmakers?Can dating apps leverage Blockchain technology and AI to confirm and screen their users in the same way as matchmaking agencies do with background checks and interview screenings?If yes, will society ever abandon the human touch in favor of the automated process?Is it true that AR will allow couples to meet in real-life situations, or will privacy concerns be the norm? Could science offer a new way to find a match for our genetic characteristics?If so, would people be willing to share their personal information to find the right person?

The jury isn’t quite on the table, yet there’s one certainty.The interaction we have with each other is likely to change drastically in the near future and there are a lot of possibilities for new markets as well as new players entering the market.Matchmaking firms as well as dating companies online have to adjust to the evolving patterns by evaluating the rationale to take advantage of the latest technology and how they will look as.Security, safety, and trust should be the main focus of any company’s list and in conjunction with an R&D plan to innovate and improve matchmaking techniques constantly.


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