What happened between Courteney Cox and Bruce Springsteen during Dancing In The Dark video?


former friends Star Courteney Cox has been in the spotlight for years. Whether for her business ventures, love life or acting work, she has been a hot commodity in the media for ages.

Before she became a star, Cox took part in Bruce Springsteen’s legendary music video “Dancing in the Dark”. It’s a fascinating piece of pop culture history, and what happened between Cox and Springsteen helped shape the video’s legacy.

Let’s take a look back and see what happened!


Courteney Cox’s acting career flourished in the ’90s

In the 1990s, Courteney Cox became one of the most famous actresses in the world, thanks largely to the success of the TV series. friends. This sitcom was a watershed moment for the actress, and as it broke into the mainstream, she capitalized on its success.

Over time, the actress added a number of successful projects to her filmography, and only last year she starred in them Screamanother great achievement for her fantastic career.

Before breaking through as a mainstream star friendsCourteney Cox starred in a legendary music video in the 1980s.

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Cox starred in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” music video

One of Bruce Springsteen’s most famous tunes, “Dancing in the Dark” was a smash hit in the 1980s. During this time, Springsteen was a man on fire with the release of his icon Born in the US album, and the success of “Dancing in the Dark” was instrumental in boosting the album’s sales and legacy.

The music video for the song was a TV smash, and it featured a live performance of the boss pulling a young fan from the audience to dance with him on stage. This young fan was none other than Courteney Cox, who was unknown at the time.

Speaking to Howard Stern, Cox opened up about her audition.

“Bruce Springsteen is such an amazing…God he’s so amazing. I love this song. I’m a little embarrassed because I feel like when I’m watching the video, when I see it… I mean, God. have you seen my dance ? It was pathetic. I’m not a bad dancer, but that was awful. I was so nervous,” she said.

She then went on to talk about the awkward audition she had for the role.

“I thought I was in the wrong place. I said, ‘I don’t know what they’re doing, but I can’t even bend my leg. That’s it.” I walked into Brian De Palma’s office, he turned on the music and said, ‘Well, you’re dancing.’ And I thought, ‘Right now? Here? Before you? Just the two of us,’” she continued.

Cox believes this helped her land the role.

She was right, and the element of surprise played a crucial role in the authenticity of the video.

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Bruce Springsteen had no idea Cox was an actress

So what happened between Bruce Springsteen and Courteney Cox while filming this iconic video? Well, nothing salacious happened, but a cool tidbit about the filming is that Springsteen had no idea Cox was an actor.

Corresponding Smooth radio“Filmed in St. Paul, Minnesota during the opening concert of the ‘Born in the USA’ tour in 1984, Springsteen was instructed to choose a fan from the crowd during filming. He believed Cox to be a fan and luckily was chosen to take the stage, unaware that she was actually a plant. At the time nobody knew because she was a complete unknown person. But her sheer joy at being able to dance on stage with one of her heroes was compelling enough.

This, combined with Cox’s audition story, helps make everything feel so authentic. She really loved music, wasn’t a professional dancer at all, and The Boss was no smarter.

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After all this time, the music video for “Dancing in the Dark” remains one of the most iconic in music history. It helped Springsteen’s legendary run to new heights in the ’80s, and it definitely helped Courteney Cox be seen by millions of fans worldwide. While unlikely, it would be great to see these two re-enact this famous scene in the future.


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