What happened between Nick Gage and David Arquette?


Nick Gage is one of the most terrifying wrestlers in the world. The deathmatch wrestling legend has faced several controversial situations throughout her career, and was even arrested after robbing a bank.

Gage is set to make his AEW debut this week when he faces Chris Jericho in what is sure to be a brutal match.

However, one of the most notorious incidents in Nick Gage’s career happened when he faced former WCW World Heavyweight Champion David Arquette in a death match.

Arquette is a famous actor and passionate wrestling fan who wanted to correct his reputation after his infamous run in the WCW. Facing Nick Gage in a deathmatch may not be the best choice for it.

What happened when Nick Gage faced David Arquette in a deathmatch?

David Arquette returned to wrestling in 2018 and challenged Nick Gage for the GCW World Championship in Joey Janela’s LA Confidential Event. Nobody expected what was coming next.

The two wrestlers faced each other in a death match – Nick Gage’s specialty. During the game, Arquette was cut at a scheduled point. Moments after that, things went very wrong. Gage spoke about the moment in his interview with Chris Van Vliet.

He was revealing that he was about to cut Arquette in the planned spot when the actor suddenly moved and the piece of glass went down his throat. The fans gasped when they saw Arquette put his hand to his neck while blood spurted out.

Nick Gage admitted that he thought he killed Arquette. Arquette made the match for a documentary and left the ring to review the edit. It was clear that Arquette was scared by this point and Gage was frustrated. Arquette tried to shoot his opponent, but Gage Judo knocked him to the ground and pegged him down.

“It wasn’t my fault, I know how to take care of my opponent. I think he was scared, but relax, you are not the first. We had the discussion, it’s entertainment. Not me I will hurt you badly when you stand still and relax. He spun when I had the glass in my hand, it hit him on the back of the neck. In my head I thought I had killed him. ” revealed Gage

Without even selling the ending, Arquette left the ring with her hand around her neck.

Fortunately, David Arquette was fine, but Nick Gage called the actor a “cry baby” because he was upset about the match. However, Arquette’s performance in the game, and even after his evident fear, earned the respect of the fans.

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