What We Learned About Courteney Cox at “Hot Ones,” Including How to Make “Alabama Sushi”


Courteney Cox made “Hot Ones” look easy. Well, at least until she faced Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, but of all the celebrity victims the hot sauce has claimed, who hasn’t ripped up and coughed on Sean Evan’s impeccably prepared interview show?

To promote her new Starz series, Shining Vale, the Alabama-born star of Friends appeared on the popular YouTube series, and she was hungry. “God, I haven’t had a wing in a long time,” she said. “The wings are good.”

Cox went through the “Wings of Death” gauntlet like a champ and even said she would do it again.

Evans reached into his usual bag of question tricks, but he didn’t go too far down the Alabama rabbit hole. In fact, the only question he asked the Birmingham native about her home state was what an “Alabama sushi roll” is and how he might prepare it.

The ‘Friends’ and ‘Cougar Town’ star committed with a recipe that included: turkey, French mustard, mayonnaise, Havarti cheese, sometimes avocado (if she’s feeling healthy), fritos – then roll it.” really nice” on. She then told the wing connoisseur, “You would love it.”

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Watch the entire interview in the video above. Other fun tidbits we learned are below:

  • She said she was drawn to her new show, Shining Vale, because of the layers her character had in the script. “It’s a 30-minute show where I can go from being really sarcastic and depressed to emotional and crying,” she said. “I’ve never done anything that had so many things to play with.
  • Cox confirmed that she pitched for the role of Gale Weathers on Scream because she wanted to counteract the nice girly image of Monica Geller on Friends or even Lauren Miller on Family Ties. Cox said she needed to prove she had the nerve to play the cutthroat news anchor in Wes Craven’s horror favorite. She also said filming the 42-minute house party sequence was a grueling experience.
  • Evans also asked about the time Cox had dinner with Michael Jordan. “He’s such a great guy. That was so many years ago. He was really personable. You can see those eyes. I was just stunned. I was a big Bulls fan.”
  • After they took a bite from Da Bomb, Cox told Evans that Tom Selleck, the Dr. Richard Burke played the “nicest” and “greatest” of all of Monica Geller’s love interests on “Friends.” She said Jon Favreau, who played millionaire Pete Becker, was “the best director” even though he didn’t direct any episodes of the sitcom.
  • Evans asked why “Friends” has remained so culturally relevant after he ended his career in 2004. “The reason I think it just keeps going and going and going is because humor is humor,” she said. “When you’re in your 30s and going through life and the characters are so different from each other, I think everyone can experience that part of their life. I just think the writing was so incredible and the chemistry is so incredible. I think all the characters are relatable in some way. You are either a volatile person or a sarcastic person or a neat freak.”

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