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Almost two decades later friends‘ finale, the sitcom’s six leads all have a good idea of ​​where their characters are today. While friends‘ Reunion 2021 on HBO Max, the actors gathered to share behind-the-scenes secrets, confirm rumors and reminisce about some of the most iconic aspects of the 1990s sitcom. After the 10 season show ended in 2004, the friends Reunion also showed the cast reflecting on what they think their characters have been up to over the past 17 years.

friendsThe Season 10 finale saw a largely satisfying ending for the main characters, which included a major reconciliation between the core will-they-won’t-they couple Ross and Rachel. After 10 years of back-and-forth, Ross and Rachel finally got back together when she got off the plane bound for Paris and decided to stay in New York instead. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler said goodbye friends‘ iconic apartment when they moved to the suburbs with their twin son and daughter. While Joey prepared to move to LA to further his acting career, Phoebe and her new husband Mike (Paul Rudd) were considering having children of their own in the future. The truth is friends Vogue, the hit sitcom ended with the main characters going downstairs to get coffee at Central Perk.


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When asked where Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey would be in 2021, friendsCast members Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc each had perfectly fitting answers for their characters. While Joey, friends‘ Season 1 spinoff, while hinting at the future of the title character, the short-lived show was largely ignored by the cast. Instead the major friends Actors have addressed where their characters are now in terms of where they live, whether they have more children, and how they would have matured over the past two decades.

Jennifer Aniston, Rachel Green

Friends Ross Rachel last episode

After Jennifer Aniston found fame as Rachel Green, she felt her character’s natural progression thereafter friends would be if Rachel and Ross got married after the season 10 finale. Aniston also mentioned that she believes Rachel and Ross would have had more children in the future, giving her Geller family over Ross’ son Ben (played by Cole Sprouse) from his first marriage and their daughter Emma who was born there , would have outgrown friends‘ Season 8 finale. Aniston’s prediction aligns with what Rachel and Ross agreed upon when they got together friends‘End. Although the two had considered getting back together several times, they never wanted to risk breaking up again and making things difficult for their daughter. With Aniston suggesting that Ross and Rachel would still be together today, friendsThe season 10 finale made their years of won’t-they-will-not-they-drama worthwhile.

David Schwimmer (Ross Geller)

Friends Ross paleontologist jokes

David Schwimmer’s prediction of what became of him friends Character Ross Geller goes hand in hand with what Aniston believes Rachel is today. Aniston suggested that Ross still “play with bones‘, to which Schwimmer clarified that Ross would indeed still be a paleontologist today. The character possessed by dinosaurs is ready friends‘ Season 10 finale as a professor of paleontology, so it’s reasonable to assume he’s still teaching new generations about bones and fossils.

Schwimmer also agreed with Aniston that Ross would have had a few more children with Rachel, consistent with how the character originally envisioned her characters’ futures friends Season 2. Ross predicted that he and Rachel would eventually have two children together; specifically a boy and a girl, with the girl coming first so Ben isn’t too competitive. Since Ross and Rachel really had a daughter together first friends Season 8, Schwimmer’s character may have correctly predicted their future if they had a son afterwards friends‘End.

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Courteney Cox Monica Geller

Friends Chandler Monica Finale

Instead of addressing how many more children Monica and Chandler might have adopted, Courteney Cox answered the question in terms of how Monica Geller’s personality would be much the same today. As Ross’ younger sister, Monica was known for being particularly competitive with those around her, with Cox suggesting this would have become even more evident once she became a hands-on mother to twins Jack and Erica Bing. Since Jack and Erica would have been only about 17 years old and still in high school in 2021, friends‘ Actress Monica believes the character would be responsible for every bake sale and would be heavily involved with the PTA.

Matthew PerryChandler Bing

While Perry didn’t reveal too much about where he thought Chandler Bing would be after friendsIn the end, he made sure Cox included his character in her assessment of the couple’s future. After Perry during the friends Bye, Cox explained that Chandler would still make Monica laugh every day, suggesting the couple are still happily married while raising their two children. When friends Season 10 ended, Chandler got a full-time job at an advertising company where he likely stayed, climbing the corporate ladder after a major career change.

Lisa KudrowPhoebe Buffay

Friends Phoebe Mike Wedding

Phoebe Buffay actress Lisa Kudrow thinks this is the beloved one friends The character is still happily married to her husband, Mike Hannigan, who was portrayed by Paul Rudd. Kudrow also suggested that she and Mike live in Connecticut after having a couple of kids, which Mike’s suggestion ends up paying off friends‘ Finale That They Should”do one of these‘ after meeting infants Erica and Jack. Staying true to the character, the actress believes Phoebe is committed to her children and others who are “just a little differentExpanding on that prediction, Kudrow believes that Phoebe later created an arts and music program at her children’s Connecticut school that likely involves teaching the children the guitar chords and lyrics that stick in her mind friends “Smelly Cat” song.

Matt LeBlanc Joey Tribbiani

Why Joey was the boyfriend to get a spinoff

Playing off the revelation that Joey Tribbiani had relocated to Los Angeles, California for his acting career friendsJoey Spin-off Matt LeBlanc said the character likely runs a sandwich shop in Venice Beach. while the rest friends‘ characters had unconfirmed futures, the one-season spinoff revealed a little of what happened to Joey Tribbiani after all of his best friends got married and started families. However, LeBlanc’s suggestion that Joey opened a sandwich shop suggests that he is no longer an actor today, having instead turned his love of hot sandwiches into a career path.

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