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Courteney Cox has buddy Ed Sheeran thank you for your longstanding relationship with the partner Johnny McDaid. The previous one Friends star met the Snow Patrol guitarist in 2013, and they’ve gone from engagement to breakup to devoted life partners.

Born in Northern Ireland in July 1976, Johnny is one of six children. With Snow Patrol he made his breakthrough in the music scene, whose songs became known through highly emotional scenes in ABC’s successful medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. As if every viewer can hear “Chasing” Cars “without bursting into tears at the thought of Izzy, dressed in ball gowns, who Denny held in tears when he died in season 2!

Versatile Johnny has also produced tracks for other musicians, including his buddy Ed, Harry Styles and Ingrid Michaelson. As a songwriter, he had his first No. 1 hit with a co-credit on Ed’s smash single “Shape of You” from 2017. That same year, Johnny co-wrote pink‘s single “What About Us?”

The musician first met Courteney in 2013 through her pal Ed, and the couple had their first date on September 13 that year. “I introduced them to my best buddy Johnny, with whom I wrote ‘Shape of You’ and ‘Bad Habits’. I introduced her nine years ago, ”said the singer The hits radio breakfast show in June 2021. “She just invited me over to her house and I just kept walking and then one day I brought Johnny with me and he didn’t come home,” Ed added.

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After this introduction, sparks flew between Courteney and Johnny. She divorced an actor in 2011 David Arquette, and despite an age difference of 13 years compared to the guitarist, the chemistry was off the charts. The couple officially came out as a couple in early 2014, and they were engaged by June. Courteney shared an Instagram photo with her then fiancé and wrote in the caption: “I’m engaged to him!”

Unfortunately, Johnny’s life in the UK has put a strain on his relationship with Courteney of Los Angeles. The couple announced their engagement in 2015 amidst where they would live. But the love was still so strong that Johnny and Courteney got back together the following year.

“He’s not my fiancé. We were engaged to get married, but now we’re just together “, Scream Stern tells Ellen DeGeneres in an appearance in 2016 on their daytime talk show. “We broke off our engagement and he moved to England, then we get back together and it’s actually better than before.”

“Everything is better,” she continued. “Not because he’s in London – although I think the distance after this breakup, we were separated for six months, really showed us a lot. It’s just better. ”But expensive as their romance stayed a long way off! “I mean, it’s expensive,” added Courteney. “It’s an expensive relationship! We go back and forth a lot. “

But it was so worth it. Courteney betrayed The guard in 2019 that when Johnny calls her “favorite girl” it “melts me”. His love makes her feel “safe and peaceful” and she cries tears of emotion when she hears the beautiful new music he is composing.

The relationship really had to pass the remote test in 2020 when the two went through COVID-19 home quarantine on different continents.

“He should go to Switzerland to write. He went to England first, then they suddenly called quarantine, ”Courteney revealed in a video chat with Ellen in May 2020. “I haven’t seen him in a long time. You don’t realize – I mean, we spend a lot of time on FaceTime – now it’s like oh my god, I just miss his physical touch. It was hard. This is the longest time. “

In July 2020, Courteney shared an Instagram photo of the couple “dating” through a Zoom session. “It’s been 133 days since we were last together. Covid sucks. Happy Birthday J, “she wrote in the caption, adding,” I loved our Zoom date for lunch and dinner (LA / London time) today. I miss you incredibly.”

While Johnny prefers to stay private when it comes to his relationship with Courtney, you can always count on her to provide insight into why he is so special.

On his birthday on July 24, 2019, the brunette beauty raved next to an Instagram photo of the couple: “He always listens, no matter what is said. Where others lose interest … he still cares. He turns words into poetry and thoughts into songs. He’s got a tender heart, a nice mind, a wicked sense of humor, and he’s not bad to look at. Happy birthday J. I love you. “



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