Woman bit police officers while going out with friends


Sarah Gardiner bit a police officer in the thigh while trying to arrest her for disorder.  (File photo)

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Sarah Gardiner bit a policewoman on the thigh when she tried to arrest her for disorder. (File photo)

When police tried to arrest Sarah Gardiner one night in downtown Nelson, she ran away and bit the arresting officer in the thigh.

Gardiner, 22, pleaded guilty to charges of misconduct and assault on police in Nelson District Court on Monday.

The Police Facts Summary described how Gardiner was on Nelsons Bridge Street with her boyfriend and some staff on Saturday, July 18 at 12:25 p.m.

“The police spoke to her boyfriend when [Gardiner] suddenly interjected and became insulting. She was ordered to leave as her behavior escalated.

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“She screamed and cursed the police.”

When police arrested her for misconduct, Gardiner ran a short distance before being arrested, the executive summary reads.

“During her arrest, she resisted by pulling away from the arresting police officers and pushing them away. While she was being held, she bit a policeman’s thigh badly. “

The policeman had a bruise on his right leg above the knee.

Gardiner declined to speak to the police, the executive summary said.

Judge Richard Russell told Gardiner that her insult was worrying.

“Cops don’t go to work to be bitten.”

Russell ordered Gardiner to bring restorative justice to the police officer she had attacked. “I’m sure she would have a lot to say.”

He convicted Gardiner of the charges and ordered an alcohol and drug complaint prior to her conviction on November 22nd.

Gardiner was not found drunk in any public place on bail.

“If you’re drinking, don’t go out,” Russell told her.


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