Wrestling Tried To Go Over With Movies 10 Times (And Failed)


If there’s one thing that every single wrestling promotion enjoys, it is cross-promotion. Every company has enjoyed working with different brands or celebrities to attract a random audience, and that often included working with movies. Regardless of whether it is about themed matches or stars of the film appear in a show, there were many different ideas.

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Sometimes they can work well, such as when Hugh Jackman was advertising Real steel and it ended up on Raw. However, at times it can be a complete disaster that makes the wrestling industry look pretty pathetic.

10 The army of dead zombies invades

Whenever a famous wrestler stars in a movie, there is a chance that cross-promotion will take place. For batistas Army of the Dead, that was the case, although everyone involved probably wishes it wasn’t.

During Damian Priest and The Miz ‘Lumberjack Match at WrestleMania setback, all lumberjacks were zombies. This was done to promote the Netflix movie, but in the end it just made the actual wrestling match look completely ridiculous, which didn’t really help the movie either.

9 Mickey Rourke doesn’t compete

Mickey Rourke defeats Chris Jericho

The Wrestler is the greatest film about the sport ever made and Mickey Rourke made a really emotional performance. The whole story, however, was about legends longing for the spotlight and fighting in retirement, so it was strange that WWE should emphasize this by having three classic cars battle it out again.

If WWE had managed to get the actor himself to face Chris Jericho instead of just having him on the ring, this could have been a brilliant promotion. However, this ended up flat because it was half-hearted.

8th Khaluber

MacGruber appears on Monday Night Raw

While MacGruber was always an over-the-top comedic film, the cross-over that WWE put together was ridiculous. Since the film featured multiple wrestlers, it made sense that something happened on Monday Night Raw.

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This resulted in MacGruber showing up and having a match with Vladimir Kozlov until his tag team partner … Kahluber arrived. This, of course, was The Great Khali, who actually appeared in the film, in a very goofy section. It was absolutely not necessary for this “match” to take place.

7th May 19

Kane with impostor Kane behind him

May 19th is a date that will be known to all wrestling fans, and it’s not for a great act. WWE wanted to promote Kane’s film I see no evil, and in order to reschedule the release date, the company let him become obsessed with the date.

In the plot, this resulted in the deceptive version of Kane showing up and starting a plot of Kane vs. Kane that turned out to be terrible. In the meantime, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the movie other than that it was the date it came out.

6th The A-Team is looking for a crown

The A-Team host on Monday Night Raw

The A-team was promoted by the stars of the film having Monday Night Raw as a guest host during the WWE period that featured celebrities in the role. However, this wasn’t one of the best as it resulted in very poor comedy throughout the show.

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They spent the entire time looking for Jerry Lawler’s crown, with WWE providing some kind of story and mystery throughout the episode that just didn’t turn out to be particularly entertaining.

5 Kevin Harts dancing

Kevin Hart dances with Adam Rose on Raw

Kevin Hart is one of the most charismatic entertainers in Hollywood, and that’s really something the WWE could have tapped into. Having him at the microphone cutting promos could have resulted in some great content, but that didn’t happen.

Hart showed up to advertise Think like a man too, and instead of showing what everyone knows they’re great at, he ended up dancing around with Adam Rose, who was one of the newest WWE stars at the time.

4th Relax in a hot tub

Hot Tub Time Machine on Raw

Another film that the WWE sponsored was Whirlpool time machine, and it’s something that would have fit during the Attitude era but felt pretty awkward and strange in a PG world.

The cast spent their time in a hot tub backstage to connect with the film.

3 Chucky challenges Scott Steiner

Chucky appears on Nitro

Chucky is known for being a character who has no problem talking rubbish, which he often does in the movies. It’s something that works well for making the character attractive, and WCW decided to get him involved and work on TV.

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Chucky appeared on the Titantron to advertise the upcoming horror, but then he finished both Mean Gene Okerlund and Scott Steiner, leaving them both embarrassed to move the doll over.

2 David Arquette becomes world heavyweight champion

David Arquette in WCW with belt

For wrestling, promoting movies makes sense, but getting the lead actor to win the World Heavyweight Championship is a big step. However, that’s what WCW did with David Arquette for the film. ready to rumble.

Arquette was brought in to promote the film and was pushed as the exciting baby face. In the end, he won the world title, which seriously hurt the legacy of gold, despite being a huge wrestling fan.

1 Robocop arrives in WCW

Robocop is a famous movie franchise, but that doesn’t mean the character belongs in the wrestling world. At WCW’s Slaughter of the capitalwanted to promote the company Robocop 2 and actually made the character appear.

The PPV even had the tagline “The Return Of Robocop” with the company claiming it was a friend of Sting. Robocop finally seemed to help him out during the event, which was a very embarrassing moment for the sport.

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Top 10 male wrestlers on the current WWE roster, sorted by in-ring skills

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