Yara shares why she doesn’t prefer American friends


Yara Zaya has been in the United States for almost two years, but the 90-day fiance alum still doesn’t prefer to be friends with Americans.

Star of 90 days fiance Yara Zaya recently shared why she would rather be friends with Ukrainians than Americans. Many fans may know that Yara is from Kiev, Ukraine, and met her husband Jovi Dufren through a travel app. The couple talked for months and then decided to meet in Budapest, Hungary. The New Orleans resident thought he was likely going to have a one night stand with Yara. However, the couple loved each other’s company and continued to date. Eventually, Jovi Yaras applied for a K-1 visa and she came to the United States.

While many foreigners enjoy living in America, the blonde beauty complained about almost everything in the new country. She hated living in New Orleans and wanted to own a multi-million dollar penthouse. It seems like Yara’s perception has changed over time. She desperately wants to live in America right now with her cute family of three. Now, however, Yara is threatened with deportation. the 90 days fiance Alaun told her fans that she constantly lives in fear that her life in America could end at any moment and that she may have to return to her country.


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The 27 year old beauty Yara wants to be in America, but she still doesn’t like being friends with Americans. In her latest YouTube video, she stated that she mostly spends her time at home, taking care of her daughter, her business and shooting for her YouTube videos. She has few friends, one of whom is Ukrainian. Yara doesn’t understand American women and whether they are kind or not. She believes Americans can have two faces. She said that if a Ukrainian woman smiled at her, she would know that she was happy to see her. However, she cannot say the same about American women because they can smile at them but can be insincere.

The TLC star then announced that an American fan shouted after seeing her walk into a restaurant, but then they pretended they didn’t know her at all. The fan asked Yara for a picture, asked for her Instagram username, but then mentioned that they had never seen her season. Yara thought the fan was being dishonest for not seeing her season or for not knowing her IG handling. She said, “I don’t like people who are fucking faking it on me.

Unfortunately, Yara doesn’t get along with Jovis “mean“Friends too, because they once were a”Webcam developer.“Well, it’s understandable why Yara is still reluctant to make American friends, despite having lived in the United States for almost two years. Hopefully she will meet some great local people who will change the way she perceives American women 90 days fiance Star should also be more open-minded, less defensive, and let down their vigilance.

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